Understanding: Strategic Thinking & Learning Services

Strategic Thinking & Learning

Our Strategic Thinking and Learning services are designed to help our clients:

  • Define the current reality facing their businesses
  • Understand the possible future scenarios they may face
  • Develop a vision of their future organization and
  • Devise and execute appropriate strategies for closing the gap between where they are and they want to be

Someone once said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”  In today’s business climate, not knowing where you’re going is a recipe for disaster.

The future is messy and impossible to predict.  Many traditional strategic planning processes fail because they depend upon a stable and predictable future state.

We believe that you cannot predict the future nor can you plan for it in the traditional sense of a linear 3-year projection of what your business is going to look like.  You can, however, prepare for the future whatever it brings.

Organizational Learning – Our strategic thinking practice creates a learning process in which individual and organization assumptions are held up for examination.  This ultimately prepares the organization to adapt to whatever scenario develops.

Adaptability – because they understand the assumptions that lay behind the planning effort, and because plans revolve around different future scenarios our clients are better enabled to adapt to whatever scenario develops.

Commitment to the plan – because our clients are fully engaged in the Strategic Thinking and Learning process, they tend to be more committed to the plans they develop than to those merely handed to them by other consulting firms.

Execution – again, because our clients are fully involved in the Strategic Thinking process, they have a great understanding of what it takes to execute the strategy and feel personally accountable for doing so.