WOW! Now that’s a loyalty program…

I’m not a big fan of customer loyalty programs that make me carry some kind of card to indicate to a company that I’m a loyal customer. If I’m a loyal customer – and I am to many of the places I do business with – they ought to know that. And, the team members, even if they are part of a chain or franchise ought to know and recognize who their loyal customers are.

So, here’s a loyalty program that actually works…my family and I were dining in one of our favorite local restaurants the other afternoon. It’s a restaurant we have visited with family members and friends a couple times a month for the last 3 years.

As we finished lunch and asked for the check, the server said, “You don’t get a check today. The manager said that you’re in here all the time, so your lunch is on us today.” No cards, no identification numbers, no trying to remember what phone number we had used when registering for their loyalty program.  Just a human being recognizing us and showing appreciation for our business and loyalty over the years.

That’s a WOW Experience!

Are we even more loyal now?  You bet we are!

Want to create that kind of experience in your business? Some questions to ask yourself:

  • How well do you know, quantitatively, the value of a loyal customer?
  • How well do you, or your store/unit managers, recognize who your loyal customers are, even without the benefit of loyalty cards or membership ID numbers?
  • How empowered are your managers and team members to act to recognize loyal customers, or even create spur of the moment WOW experiences for your customers?